What Google is doing to protect visitors and webmasters from malware and scams

Google LogoThe Internet may be a dangerous place if you are clueless about technology. We see high rises in malware infected and scamming websites at an alarming rate.

On an average week, as many as 10 million users are exposed to harmful websites. Many of these sites are merely attacked without the knowledge of the owners due to weak passwords or outdated software. If you like to know more details and numbers about this matter, check out Safe Browsing – Transparency Report.

this site may harm your computer

You’ve probably seen the above warning in the SERPs while searching Google. As a visitor, you should avoid clicking on that link since it may install malicious software which can allow your passwords and credit card numbers to be stolen, slow down your computer or change the overall display of web pages you’re visiting.

As a webmaster, it’s even worse to have this label on your website. You are losing visitors and helping the attacker gain leverage over your users.

Google has made it easy for webmasters to be notified of this problem when they detect something suspicious. There are two ways you can be notified.

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Google Analytics

Once you are notified, it’s essential to act on this matter immediately. There’s a guide for you on how to act on your predicament. Check out Webmasters help for hacked sites or head over to their Malware and Hacked Sites sub-forum.

Stay safe. Stay vigilant.

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