Google SERP layout update rolling out right now!

google serp layout changeIf you had not noticed it yet, Google is rolling out an update on their results listing layout. It spots a really clean two-toned interface cutting off much of the clutter.

We all know Google had been battling decreasing ad spend from advertisers and it’s safe to say that this new layout aims to combat that problem by offering a refreshing perspective to their results. Ads seemed to be more blended into the results to encourage higher click-thru.

We had also seen Google testing their ad icon between red and green the last few weeks and it’s obvious they’ve decided on green.

Note that the number of results count had disappeared. We honestly think that this would break a lot of indexing and analytical tools which rely on that count. It would be smart to check up on that.

If you’re into analytics, keep a look out for CTR changes and see how it affects your website.

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