AMP will soon dominate mobile search engine results

AMP on mobile SERP preview
AMP listing on organic mobile SERPs

Google announced that they will be showing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) results across all mobile SERPs. It’s now shown only in the top carousel section and is easily identified by the lightning bolt logo, indicating the content is available in the mobile format — comparable to “mobile friendly.”

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) load a whole lot faster, and initial data are showing that users love them, and publishers see good results from implementing them on their websites.

Although Google says it won’t be a ranking factor, we are confident to say that this is gonna affect all sites more than the “mobile friendly” update. A year from now, the only results that everyone clicks on is going to have the lightning bolt.

If you have a website, no matter if you’re a business, a marketer, a nonprofit or just running a personal blog, you want to be implementing AMP as soon as you can. RIGHT NOW! We were ready for AMP before it’s even scheduled to be released end of February 2016.

Here are some hard AMP facts

  • AMP pages are 4x faster, use 10x less data compared to non-AMP pages.
  • On average AMP pages load in less than one second.
  • 90 percent of AMP publishers experience higher CTRs in the SERPs.
  • 80 percent of AMP publishers experience higher ad viewability rates.

If you choose to ignore the facts, we can only assure you of one thing. Your website will suffer as more and more publishers adopt AMP, and more visitors click on them.

If you are viewing this article on your mobile device, check out the early preview here.

Since AMP’s introduction last year, there are now more than 150 million AMP documents in Google’s index with roughly 4 million being added weekly.

Here’s an extensive list of companies who had embraced this technology and actively contributing to its success. AMP is the clear leader as it competes head to head with Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News format.

Don’t sleep on this. Implement AMP now!

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